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Imagine having to be such a smug humourless fuck all the damn time

wake up america

The truth is out there!

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The benefits of demon possession

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How to become a sensuous witch

Homeopathic Gullibility Cure

Do you find yourself being taken in by unproven quack remedies, handing over hard-earned money for little more than a few sugar pills or a vial of useless tap water? If that’s the case, you are almost certainly in need of my new Homeopathic Gullibility Cure

It gets to work after only a single gulp, instantly re-energising your incredulity chakras. By building a skeptical particle wall around your naïvety gland it’s also effective at stopping quantum mechanical trickery, leaving you ready to take on the most unscrupulous potion pedlars and snake oil salesmen. Not only that, the amount of money you’ll save from being conned day and night will allow you to purchase my entire Homeopathic Gullibility Cure Super-Treatment containing over four gallons of doubt-inducing magic water. 

But act fast, before some con-man talks you out of it!


Hmm, but Alex Jones is funnier